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Everglow22 [userpic]

First entry! :D

August 2nd, 2006 (01:41 am)

*current mood*: cheerful

So, this is my first entry! I have absolutely nothing to talk about, but I pretty much joined LJ to keep up with my friends anyways, so who cares. XD If you add me as a friend and I don't know you well online, or if I don't know you at all in real life, you probably won't be hearing from me at all. Sorry, but I pretty much want to keep this journal friends-only. That's one of the reasons I'm making this entry public; all the rest will be private and/or friends-only (mostly the latter). :D The other reason is that I just asked to join the CAA_on_LJ group, and there was no way to let the leaders of that community know who I was, so just so you know, I'm Radical Dreamer from CAA. XD

Anyways...here I am! XD See you guys around!

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